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Mediaphile - Welcome

Be in control of all your media

Powerful software with you in mind

Your digital world creates large amounts of media.
Control • Backup • Access • Security • Share

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All your media in your control.

Remember when all your stuff fit on a single drive? Ya, us neither. Manager your shtuff like a boss. We also believe completely living in the cloud is foolish.


File transfers the big and easy way.

Time to become your own server and your own network. Get files to your friends and family without interference from big brother. Never liked sharing with my brother anyway.


Have confidence that your files exist.

Apparently this is rocket science for some people. Did you notice the rocket in our logo? Well, it's time to stop making excuses about losing your data or your family pictures.


You matter!

Your ideas and requests help us develop the best tools to keep your digital files right where your need them.


What the...?

Need a shoulder to cry on? Our community is hear to help. Computers can suck some days. Let's walk through it together.


What's the buzz?

We love talking crap about the industry. Our forums are buzzing with what's new and what's not so cool. Join in!


More walk. Less talk.

That's what we're all about. We're tired of lame complex tools built by propellerheads. Rapid development with power.