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About Steve Sugrim

Steve Sugrim"Steve is a highly skilled creative who has gained understanding and a leveraging of technology in a personable way. His photography and video work speaks for itself - even earning him a Hollywood nomination for a project he was just 'tinkering' with. He is a keen strategist, and has raised millions of dollars for charities he has worked with and for. Web, print, video, photography, music, writing, teaching, technical support - with a good dose of realism and humour - describes Steve well." ( - from a friend who I bribed handsomely)

Steve at YosemiteFrom Steve > My hope for the software created is that it helps you leverage the technology to help you use your media with power. We all create things in the digital realm, but if you're like me, it can become chaos fairly quickly. These tools are created simply because it bugs me that they don't exist.

Steve lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with his three cats and three bass guitars. He doesn't take things too seriously, unless it's electronic dance music.

Photo of me with the camera is at Yosemite Falls in USA. I actually got to the base of the falls and got so wet, my camera stopped working for 3 days.

Our core philosophies


Be in control of all your media.

It's amazing how all the digital media we own can get out of control so easily. I strive to create software to bring control back.


Create powerful software for every day people.

"There's room for everyone on the nice list." - Buddy the Elf, from the movie Elf (2003). We want to be on the nice list with all the other great apps out there.


Completely living in the cloud is foolish.

Data you can't physically hold is not yours. Would you store all your valuable data on your friend's computer in Vancouver? Use the cloud for reference, but don't store your ass-ets on it.


Know where you data is and protect it.

Backup your shtuff up people. 3-2-1 Strategy... 3 copies - 2 local - 1 offsite.