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START HERE! Using FotoReco

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START HERE! Using FotoReco was created by steve
Using FotoReco is pretty straightforward. There are three main modes in this tiny app - Search, View, and Import.
Begin by IMPORTing a few photos to see how the interface works.
You can customize the top right words 'My Photo Library' to something else, like 'Steve's Photos', by clicking into the text.

- Typing in the search box will look up data across all the fields in your library.
- A drop down list is available on the right side of the search box to give you the main keywords.
- Results are shown below the box. Click on the desired photo will take you to the details.
- The search field is scanning as you type, and will complete when you click on 'Search'. Clear resets the field.
- Up/Down arrows will zoom data slightly
- Clicking on the Ascending Bars icon in the lower right will take you to Rank Keywords screen. Begin by clicking the Rank Keywords button, which will scan all keywords created so far, and rank them by percentage of total photos. This is really useful to find out popular photos and trends in your library.

- A thumbnail grid is presented of your photos. Navigate either by the '<' '>' icons at the top or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Up and down keyboard arrows change the zoom level.
- Clicking on the photo takes you to the specific details gathered.
- You can add more data to your photos in the description, and categories. Rating, EXIF, and IPTC data can be altered also.
- Note that if location data is present, the map button will show, giving you access to a plotted Google Map.
- Note you can type in a number to jump to in the arrow interface at the top. Helpful with large number of photos

- Clicking on the 'Select and Scan' yellow button will allow you select photos from your library, either by singles or folder
- Do your scans in small batchs (normally around 1,000 pics). Larger scans tend to slow down anyways in our tests as Google load balances the requests on their servers. Response drops to more than 30 seconds per picture after awhile. (shrug)
- Note that there will be a delayed response from the app after you select your pictures. It may appear that the app is stuck or not doing anything. It takes time to memorize the disk location of every picture you selected.
- A single picture scan will normally take between 2 to 11 seconds in tests. Different file formats will take longer, like .TIF . The time left to complete the scan is an average based on the scan rate of the last 5 pictures. Actual time may be longer.
- Pictures located on a network attached storage device (NAS) will take longer than pictures located immediately to the computer.
- You can stop the scan process by hitting 'ESC' key (Win) or Command + '.' (Mac)
- Importing reads your photos one by one, analyzes them for key data, and sends a small thumbnail to Google to use their technology to keyword your photo. Your photos are not kept or stored after Google scans it
- Be sure your photos are in the final places that they will be stored, in a folder structure that you like. FotoReco memorizes their location for access later.
- On an import, FotoReco will skip over files that are not in common picture file formats, and duplicates if 'No Duplicates' option is selected.

- This area allows you to buy more credits for Google scans of your pictures.
- Google charges for their services which we pay on your behalf. It also keeps my wife happy and electricity flowing in the house.

- Links to the Mediaphile website for more information

Exits the application

If you have a large library of photos, your FotoReco library will grow in size. Be sure you have enough space on your computer to handle the FotoReco folder. A small external USB drive is recommended.

If you get an update alert, it is highly recommended you upgrade to keep your application working well.
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